Looking for a Wholesale Bakery in Melbourne?

Looking for a Wholesale Bakery in Melbourne?

If you are the owner of a Melbourne restaurant or café, there is no doubt that your goal is to provide your customers with a memorable dining experience. A positive experience always involves serving delicious food – and doing this successfully requires using quality ingredients as a foundation.

Why is good bread so important for your business?
One factor that diners like to lay judgement on is the quality of bread provided by an eatery. Whether it’s the complimentary slices of bread you provide at the start of a meal or whether bread forms an integral part of a main dish (for example, the bun used in a hamburger), good bread is crucial to getting the seal of approval from your customers.

Why choose The Grain Emporium?
At The Grain Emporium, we are proud to be a leading wholesale bakery in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on baking the bread that diners want. All our products are baked fresh daily onsite in Clayton. Our range of handcrafted stone-baked breads is extensive and it includes our signature sourdough loaf. Each of our sourdough breads is made by combining premium flours with our levain, made from a secret recipe that has been nurtured by our family over several decades. In addition to our loaves, we also offer our much-loved line of brioche buns and sliders, both of which are versatile ingredients in any restaurant or café kitchen.


Our clients
Our wholesale bakery supplies our entire range of handcrafted baked goods to a range of Victorian businesses. All our products are freshly baked onsite before we deliver them to some of Melbourne’s most loved and well-known restaurants and cafés, including Third Chapter, Hunky Dory and Feast of Merit.

For enquiries or to place a wholesale order, contact us at:

The Grain Emporium Wholesale
8 Meriton Place, Clayton South 3169
Tel: 03 9543 4884
Email: info@thegrainemporium.com.au

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